MPI offers a wide variety of professional investigative services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Pre-Employment Screening

MPI provides pre-employment screening to large and small companies nationwide. The employment screening investigations can include driver's history searches, criminal history searches, civil litigation searches, employment and education verification, public filings searches, federal court searches, professional licenses, and Social Security Number verification.

Due Diligence Investigations

In addition to criminal history searches, civil litigation searches, employment and education verification, public filings searches, federal court searches and professional licenses searches, MPI searches for business ownership, business credit history, and business litigation to assist in developing an overall picture of a business and its principals.

Workplace Violence Programs and Training

MPI provides personal protection agents in the event that a workplace violence threat is received. In addition, MPI works with businesses to train employees and management in identifying warning signs and triggers that may lead to a workplace violence incident. For extreme cases, MPI maintains a working relationship with a national company that employs a forensic psychologist to assist in evaluating the threat potential.

Asset Searches

MPI has access to vehicle ownership information (including autos, vessels, and aircraft) and real property ownership information in most states. In addition, MPI has sources that can develop financial information on businesses, as well as individuals, in accordance with current laws.

Skip Tracing

MPI has access to databases which contain millions of names, addresses, social security numbers and dates of birth. In addition, MPI has access to a nationwide network of investigators. These resources allow MPI to locate people and/or their relatives, current addresses and/or other contact information using minimal known information.

Undercover Operations

MPI has access to trained undercover operatives to fill almost any position. These operatives are trained to detect and identify employee misconduct including, but not limited to, drug use/sales, alcohol use, time theft/misappropriation, policy/safety violations, supervisor/manager misconduct, ad well as other activities of interest to the client company.

Executive Protection

MPI maintains on-call executive protection agents available to respond to a need for protection of personnel or property. This need may result from high-risk terminations, layoffs, plant closures, strikes or other unforeseen incidents.


MPI provides surveillance for any legitimate business need. MPI maintains on-call teams of surveillance investigators experienced in both moving and stationary surveillance. Both still photography and digital videotape are available to record the activity.

Site Security Surveys

MPI provides assessments of all aspects of building security, including perimeter fencing, lighting, access control, alarms, guard service, etc. In addition, company policies regarding personnel, money handling, disaster preparedness, etc. are reviewed.

Service of Process

MPI has fully licensed Process Servers that are individually registered and bonded with the experience needed to complete your service of process in a professional manner. Our servers are diligent, aggressive, and specialize in serving entities that avoid service.

Legal Courier

MPI has drivers available that can messenger your legal documents to the appropriate destinations in a timely manner.

Court Filings

MPI can personally handle your court filings at various courthouses statewide and has a network of affiliates for nationwide service.

Court Research

MPI offers research and document retrieval from all courts and county recorder offices.


MPI conducts interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects in connection with any business activity.

State Licenses

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